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coelacanth and other plays frederick stroppel amazon - enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free kindle app then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone tablet or computer no kindle device required, smithsonian institution the coelacanth more living than - for many years living coelacanths were known only from the western indian ocean primarily from the comoros islands but in september 1997 and again in july 1998 coelacanths were captured in northern sulawesi indonesia nearly 6 000 miles to the east of the comoros, coelacanth fish britannica com - coelacanth any of the lobe finned bony fishes of the order crossopterygii members of the related but extinct suborder rhipidistia are considered to have been the ancestors of land vertebrates in some systems of classification the coelacanths and rhipidistians are considered separate orders members of the subclass crossopterygii, coelacanths the world s only living extinct fish - like assorted other fish and reptiles coelacanths are ovoviviparous that is the female s eggs are fertilized internally and stay in the birth duct until they re ready to hatch technically this type of live birth is different from that of placental mammals where the developing embryo is attached to the mother via an umbilical cord, 11 fishy facts about coelacanths mental floss - unlike any other animal that is presently alive coelacanths have an intracranial joint behind the eyes that splits the skull in two enabling the entire snout to swing upward when a coelacanth, coelacanths are unexceptional products of evolution - the slowly evolving coelacanth the morphological resemblance of the modern coelacanth to its fossil ancestors has resulted in it being nicknamed the living fossil this invites the question of whether the genome of the coelacanth is as slowly evolving as its outward appearance suggests